Kanuka honey is a unique, powerful honey, native to New Zealand and made from the flowers of the Kunzea ericoides tree. Cousin to the famous Manuka honey, both are found in New Zealand, but Manuka is present in greater quantities than the rarer Kanuka. Kanuka honey’s moisturizing properties hydrate to soothe skin, reduce the appearance of redness, and restore a natural glow.

Kanuka Vs Manuka

Is Kanuka the next ‘super honey’? According to some professionals, Kanuka honey is more powerful than Manuka. In fact, the New Zealand Crown Research Institutes discovered that Kanuka has double the levels of Manuka factor. Scientists were surprised to find that honey made from Kanuka contained such a high level of Manuka factor.

Sustainable Sourcing and Extraction

Crafted by the worker bees at Snowberry Gardens, all of our Kanuka honey is bee-friendly and sustainably sourced. The collection of this rare honey only happens once a year when the Kanuka flowers are in full bloom. Each honeycomb is carefully removed so as not to harm any bees and is taken to our on-site laboratory where the honey is collected for use in Snowberry products.

Snowberry's proprietary method of extraction and formulation eliminates the sticky nature of honey without denaturing the ingredient in the process, ensuring all of that goodness makes its way into your product.

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