Why You Need Kanuka Honey in Your Skin Care Routine

Why You Need Kanuka Honey in Your Skin Care Routine

Kanuka honey is a relatively new ingredient on the skin care scene, but it’s just as – if not more – beneficial for your skin than the more well-known Manuka honey.

What is Kanuka honey?

Kanuka honey is native to New Zealand, where Snowberry originates. At Snowberry Gardens, our bio-diversity site in northern New Zealand, our very own worker bees harvest Kanuka for us every year from February to March, which is when the tree’s pink and white flowers typically blossom.

Snowberry Gardens in New Zealand, where our Kanuka honey is harvested

Manuka vs Kanuka

  • Manuka honey isn’t quite as rare as Kanuka
  • Kanuka is actually more potent than Manuka
  • Kanuka honey contains a higher volume of moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • The higher volume of healing ingredients in Kanuka honey means it can have more benefits for your skin, and even your wider immune system

What can Kanuka honey do for your skin?

Kanuka honey is incredibly moisturizing, so it makes a great addition to a moisturizer like our New Radiance Face Serum.

Kanuka also has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the AGP proteins that are naturally found in this type of honey.

Scientists are also carrying out research to find out the benefits of ingesting Kanuka honey. If it can work such wonders on your skin, it will be fascinating to know the effects it can have internally too.

Where to find Kanuka honey

Kanuka honey is incredibly sticky when it’s harvested, but the Snowberry team have developed a unique approach to remove the stickiness without denaturing the ingredients in the honey, making it a dream to apply to your skin.

Harvesting Kanuka honey at Snowberry Gardens

You’ll find Kanuka honey extract in the following Snowberry products:

1. New Radiance Face Serum

The Kanuka honey in our New Radiance Face Serum helps to hydrate your skin, and soften fine lines and wrinkles, as it’s teamed with our CuPep™ copper tripeptide complex. Get skin that looks younger and more radiant by adding Kanuka honey to your skin care routine with this Snowberry serum.

We tested the New Radiance Face Serum in an eight-week Gold Standard Clinical Trial in 2019, and 100% of participants said they’d recommend it to their best friend, mom, or daughter. What’s more, 81% said they were pleased with how their skin looked after use, and 72% were planning to carry on using this incredibly nourishing serum.

2. Rejuvenating Night Cream

Use Kanuka honey to rejuvenate your skin overnight with this beautiful cream, which also includes goji berry and Harakeke seed (New Zealand flax) extract. These ingredients work together, along with a ceramide boost to hydrate your skin while you sleep to leave it feeling refreshed and conditioned in the morning.

3. Gentle Cleanse & Tone Soft Foaming Cleanser

Our 2-in-1 cleanser and toner includes vitamin C-packed kiwifruit extract alongside Kanuka honey to thoroughly clean and replenish your skin. Together, these ingredients are wonderfully nourishing, gently cleansing lingering makeup and dirt from your skin, without stripping away any important oils.

4. Nourishing Rich Cream

This replenishing moisturizing lotion is designed to hydrate, condition, and rejuvenate dry skin. It contains a gorgeous blend of Kanuka honey, cloudberry, meadowfoam, and Harakeke seed oil to leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth.

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