Spotlight on Skin Care Ingredients: Meadowfoam Oil

Spotlight on Skin Care Ingredients: Meadowfoam Oil

Meadowfoam isn’t just a pretty flower – it’s actually an incredibly nourishing skin care ingredient, thanks to its rich fatty acid content, as well as through being a natural source of vitamin C and vitamin E.

This means that including meadowfoam in your skin care regimen could have multiple benefits. So where exactly can you find this powerful natural skin care ingredient?

What is meadowfoam?

With their small white and yellow cup-like shapes, the flowers of the Limnanthes Alba plant look exactly like foam in a meadow, hence the name meadowfoam.

Each flower typically produces two to three seeds, but some can produce as many as five, and these can be turned into a nourishing oil that’s often found in cosmetic and skin care products.

Meadowfoam flowers before they are processed into the skin care ingredient meadowfoam oil

Meadowfoam is native to the Pacific Northwest in the US, specifically California and Oregon.

The Snowberry skin care collection might be created in New Zealand, a long way from the Pacific Northwest, but we’re extremely passionate about ensuring all of our operations are 100% carbon-neutral.

Meadowfoam oil: benefits for all skin types

Meadowfoam oil is known for its emollient properties, which means it can leave skin feeling soft, smooth, and beautifully nourished when used as part of a consistent skin care regimen. In fact, meadowfoam seed oil can have benefits for multiple skin types.

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Dry skin

The naturally moisturizing benefits of meadowfoam oil can help to stop skin from drying out. If you have dry skin on your face, fine lines and wrinkles can appear more prominent, leaving you looking prematurely-aged. This means that using skin care products containing meadowfoam could have an anti-aging effect.

Oily skin

Oily skin can also be helped by meadowfoam, as it contains a specific fatty acid known as eicosenoic acid, which absorbs easily into the skin without blocking the pores.

As a result, meadowfoam can help to balance your skin’s oil levels, which means it can also be beneficial if you have combination skin.

Dehydrated skin

Another amazing property of meadowfoam oil is that it can create a protective barrier against moisture loss through the skin, helping to keep your skin hydrated. Find out more about the skin care tips and ingredients that can help to fix dehydrated skin.

How Snowberry uses meadowfoam oil

Meadowfoam extract is one of the key ingredients in our Nourishing Rich Cream, a gorgeous lightweight moisturizer that’s designed to leave dry skin feeling smooth and revitalized.

It can also help to protect skin against the effects of free radicals from the environment thanks to the natural vitamins that can be found throughout the formula, protecting skin against premature aging.

Alongside meadowfoam, this lotion contains naturally nourishing Kanuka honey and hydrating Harakeke seed oil derived from the New Zealand flax plant, which are both sourced from Snowberry Gardens in our New Zealand homeland.

Reparative Totarol, cloudberry oil, and omega-6 ceramides can also be found in this nourishing moisturizer. Use it at least once a day to treat your skin to beautiful natural goodness, every time.

Our Nourishing Rich Cream is part of our Skin Transformation Bundle too, which provides you with all of the products you need to establish a consistent, nourishing skin care routine.

As well as our rich moisturizer, this collection features our Gentle Cleanse & Tone Soft Foaming Cleanser, Youth Renewing Face Serum, and Smoothing Eye Serum so you can treat your whole face to the nourishment it deserves.

Find out more about how to create a skin care routine for better hydrated skin:

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