Why Cloudberry Needs a Place in Your Skin Care Regimen

Why Cloudberry Needs a Place in Your Skin Care Regimen

From goji berries and lingonberries to the snowberries we’re named after, berries are a huge inspiration across our skin care collection.

Cloudberry is another fruit that can be found in a selection of our products. Let’s take a look at why this small yet nutrient-packed berry definitely deserves a place in your skin care regimen.

What is a cloudberry?

Cloudberries are a small, amber-colored, edible fruit, similar in appearance to blackcurrants.

The cloudberry, or Rubus chamaemorus, thrives in a cold climate; for example, the fruit can often be found growing close to Nordic fjords, in Alaska, and in Arctic regions. These small but robust berries are able to withstand extremely low temperatures, potentially as low as -40°C.

This means that cloudberries are only exposed to brief periods of sunlight while they grow, but they soak up as many nutrients as they can during this time, which makes them incredibly nutrient-packed when they’re eventually picked.

cloudberries growing close to a Nordic fjord

Cloudberries are used in Nordic cuisine, too – cloudberry jam is popular in Sweden, and has a similar taste to redcurrant or raspberry-based preserves.

Cloudberry: skin benefits

Cloudberry oil is an extremely nourishing natural skin care ingredient. Cloudberry seeds are naturally rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which can play a key role in keeping your skin looking plump, youthful, and smooth.

These berries are rich in vitamins A, C, and E, which can help to brighten your skin, encourage a more even skin tone, and fight the effects of free radicals on the surface of your skin, including dry skin and signs of premature aging.

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Cloudberries also contain powerful natural antioxidants, known for their ability to fight fine lines, wrinkles, and inflammation. This means that using cloudberry seed oil in your skin care regimen could help to maintain your skin’s collagen levels, keeping it feeling elastic and looking youthful for longer.

Each of these properties makes cloudberry oil an ideal ingredient for turning dry, dehydrated skin into naturally radiant, glowing skin.

From cloudberry to Snowberry

At Snowberry, cloudberry extract is one of the natural ingredients in our Nourishing Rich Cream, a lightweight but deeply moisturizing lotion that also contains:

  • Kanuka honey, a naturally nourishing variety of Kiwi honey with anti-inflammatory properties, sourced from Snowberry Gardens, our very own wonderland in New Zealand
  • Harakeke seed oil, known for its soothing, hydrating qualities, sustainably extracted from our crop of New Zealand flax plants at Snowberry Gardens
  • Totarol, an incredibly antioxidant-rich ingredient sourced from the deadwood of the majestic and resilient totara tree
  • Meadowfoam, a beautifully moisturizing natural skin care ingredient

You can also get all the products you need to incorporate cloudberry into your wider skin care regimen with our Skin Transformation Bundle, which includes everything you need to keep your skin feeling cleansed and hydrated, and looking plump and youthful.

Find out more about how cloudberry and the other natural skin care ingredients we use are boosted by proven skin science to create skin care you can trust:


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